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Paint correction involves the use of a variety of machine polishes. Ultimately, it removes paint defects from the car’s surface with various polishing compounds. Defects may include swirl marks, scratches, water spots, bird poo etchings as well as oxidisation.

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What is Paint Correction ?

Paint correction involves the use of machine polishing to refine the vehicle’s paintwork, employing multiple steps that vary in the level of aggressiveness with compound polishing. This process effectively removes swirls and marks. We offer a two-stage paint correction package, each designed to cater to different levels of paintwork imperfection.

At Adelaide Detailing Garage, we understand that every car requires different levels of attention and care. Therefore, we have developed two stages of paint correction to suit the condition of your car.

Our Process

Paint Correction Process

  1. Wheels/tyres and wheel arches cleaned and degreased

  2. Car foamed with PH neutral car shampoo to release dirt, grime and oils on the paint

  3. Badges/grilles and door jambs cleaned

  4. Two bucket hand wash entire vehicle

  5. High pressure rinsed

  6. Vehicle dried with microfibes drying towel

  7. 3 stage paint decontamination (Iron decontamination, tar remover and clay bar)

  8. Plastics and rubber taped up

  9. 1/2 or 3+ stage paint correction completed

  10. Alcohol/ panel prep wipe to ensure surface is 100% clean and primed for a wax/sealant

  11. High quality wax/sealant applied

  12. Windows and mirrors cleaned

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