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Ceramic Coating

Bring back the brand-new look of your vehicle with our Ceramic Coating service.

Certified Detailer of GYEON Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Bring Your Car Back To Its Former Glory With Our Paint Protection In Adelaide

Certified Detailer of GYEON Ceramic Coating

Our Pricing

Ceramic Coating Adelaide

Basic Package

Gyeon Q2 Flash EVO
Start From $950


Premium Package

Gyeon Q2 infinite base type 1
Start From $1,450


Luxury Package

Gyeon Q2 infinite base and top coat
Start From $1,750


Optional Extras

Wheel Protection(Face Only)

From $149

Glass Coating

From $155

Interior Leather Protection

From $395
auto interior fabric protection

Interior Fabric Protection

From $295

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Ceramic Coating Adelaide

As a certified detailer of GYEON Ceramic Coating, we specialise in providing top-tier car care services using GYEON’s advanced ceramic coating products. This certification is a testament to our expertise and commitment to quality, ensuring your vehicle receives the best protection and finish available in Australia. GYEON’s range of ceramic coatings is known for its exceptional durability, outstanding gloss, and robust protective properties against UV rays, oxidation, and environmental contaminants. Being certified in these products enables us to offer your car the ultimate in ceramic coating protection and aesthetic enhancement, perfectly suited to withstand Australia’s unique climate and driving conditions.

With our CERAMIC COATING, your car gets:
  • Enhanced Paint Durability
  • Improved Gloss and Shine
  • UV and Heat Protection
  • Protection from chemicals
  • Long-Term Paint Protection

Features :

Why Should You Choose Gyeon for Ceramic Paint Protection?

GYEON stands out for its continuous innovation, always aiming to be at the forefront of the car care industry. GYEON’s driving force is a blend of deep-rooted passion and extensive experience, which keeps it on the path of constant advancement. This intrinsic dedication is part of GYEON’s core identity – it’s embedded in its DNA. GYEON refers to this relentless commitment to excellence and pioneering spirit as “The GYEON Way,” a philosophy that defines its approach to setting new benchmarks in car care.

It’s not all about the looks! Of course, a well-prepared and ceramic-coated car looks amazing, as Gyeon coatings are very glossy and enhance the intensity of the paint. But you will notice most benefits on a daily basis. The car will get dirty much slower, and the usual maintenance wash will become less frequent. Your car will feel slick and will collect less dust and pollen. Paint will not oxidise, and brake dust won’t adhere to rims as much as before. Your paint will remain glossy as new for years.

NXTZEN Certified Paint Protection Detailer

Give your car a great shine and long-lasting protection. We aim to make your drive look and feel better.


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